Premiere Award – Portage Ceramic Awards 2015

Wasters made from discarded ceramics
Wasters III (Accumulate)

Catalogue statement

This work belongs to a series that initially used found ‘wasters’ from a ceramic factory. The work draws upon a range of influences and experiences, including a beach in Northern California composed entirely of ceramic shards, a Delf ‘waster’ in the Victoria Museum in London and an interest in the discarded. It is also informed by personal circumstances, which include a return to the responsibilities of home and family and the making of porcelain tableware.

In the making of porcelain tableware, my own expectations and the limitations prescribed by function results in a high rate of ‘wasters’. By stacking and balancing the losses that occur in the firing process- the breakages and the accumulation of one’s history of making – Wasters III (Accumulate) is my reflection on personal and global fragility and responsibility. I want to make the discarded visible and to question the value and meaning of making in the 21st century. I am interested in the effect of re-contextualisation through installation on perception, meaning and value.