Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux 29 january - 10 march 2011

"For this exhibition Raewyn Atkinson has created a body of new work around one major sculpture, Deeptime #26. Atkinson has embraced the challenge of creating a very large work in porcelain, a notoriously difficult and unpredictable medium to work with. This is especially so when taken to the extremes of thinness and thickness as employed to create Deeptime #26. By taking this work to a size where it will physically dominate the gallery space, Atkinson hopes to strengthen the impact of the work's underlying theme : the inseparability of environmental and personal fragility."--RH Gallery

Fiat Lux (let there be Light) from the Book of Genesis, the motto of U.C. California. Deeptime #26, was made at UC Berkeley, in the large kiln built in the teaching days of Peter Voulkos and restored for this project. #26 was made with a ton of porcelain and was an ambitious experiment to create a work which would visually and physically convey a sense of personal and global fragility. The supporting sculptures in this installation are cast or modeled from existing objects to form a mandala of supersized anti depressant pills and rosary of energy saving light bulbs.

photos: Edith Collier