Everywhere I go

Everywhere I go was exhibited at Bowen Galleries as part of the Fired Up Festival of Ceramics from 22 February to March 15 2020, as part of the Fired Up Festival of Ceramics.

A restriction was set for this exhibition, a making restraint, to use only existing pieces that had been broken or discarded or hadn’t worked at the time, refiring them into both an environmental statement and about what it means to be a maker in 2020.

All works in this exhibition were recovered, repaired, reconstructed. Everything was “Fired Up” including the tables. A further restraint was that the work was not to be refired with gas. This was no small limitation, as gas firing has provided glazes with the depth and sublety of colour, my language for the past two decades. But protesting against mining for coal and gas conflicts with continuing to ‘work as usual’.