• I Too Am In Paradise II

    I Too Am In Paradise II is another iiteration of the living sculpture installed in the Dowse Courtyard during the summer 2016-17. A video will be made of the installation as it decays and grows in the artist's garden. Again the urns are cast using unfired white clay but this time red clay dug from the property has been used to create bases and these are placed on a bed of greywacke, also from the property.

    The plants are ngutukākā mā, last seen growing on cliffs inland of Waiaroa in the 1950's and have been successfully brought back from the brink of extinction through the efforts of Crown Research Institute, Scion, and East Coast iwi.  

    Ngāti Hinehika, the local hapu where these plants originated have entrusted these taonga to the project and when filming has finished the ngutukākā mā will be gifted on and preferably planted in the wild. Ngāti Hinehika  call these plants, Ngutukōrako, after their ancestress, Hinekōrako. The translation of kōrako is albino.